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Aristo Wardrobe Design

The Modular wardrobe is an item of furniture that is very personal. Every individual has their own eclectic taste when it comes to this piece of furniture. Your choices in a wardrobe reveal the minute physicalities of your personality. It's where you will find your power suit, your fondly saved but never worn hand me downs, your unique expressions of your inner self, your battle armor, your wedding dress and your torn childhood football socks. It is also personified as the entity that informs your choices on how you present yourself. We believe it should be designed to help you get that perspective.
Innovantes Modular wardrobes are made of aesthetic yet functional design architecture, aiming to keep in reach, in sight and in mind every facade of your personality.

Choosing Modular wardrobe manufacturer is never as straightforward as it sounds. Our Aristo wardrobe price range can be anywhere between ₹70,000 to ₹95,000, depending on design, size, material, and build quality. We hope to help you make that decision a little more informed. Innovante understands you.

Aristo Wardrobe Design
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Aristo Wardrobe Manufacturer